Kelli Giddish was born on the 13th of April 1980. She is known for her roles in All My Children (Di Henry), Chase (Annie Frost), Past Life (Dr Kate McGinn), The Good Wife (Sophia Russo), The Burg (Courtney), and of course Law and Order: Special Victims Unit as Detective Amanda Rollins. She was born in Cumming, Georgia, United States of America.

Hi! I've just started watching SVU for Kelli and I was wondering if you (or you and your followers) could make a list of all the Amanda-centric episodes so I can watch those first (and then move on to the ones where she doesn't have as much screen time)? So far, I've only seen two Amanda-centric episodes: "Gambler's Fallacy", the one with Amanda's sister. Any others you could recommend? Thanks!

Sure (:

Friending Emily

Deadly Ambition

Rapist Anonymous

 and not really Poisoned Motive, but you should watch it if you want some shock drama. :) Since you’ve already watched Gambler’s Fallacy, and one with Kim (Not sure which one you watched, so I’ve added both to the list) you should be all set to go! Anyone else want to add anything, go ahead (:

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[ 3 / ?? ] gifsets of Amanda Rollins

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Kelli Giddish as Kara Dawson & Amanda Rollins!

She went from playing the victim in season 8, to detective in season 13!

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made by me 

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Frannie & Kelli 

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